Our trip to Taiwan starts with a 13 hour EVA's non-stop flight to Taipei

We landed in Taipei airport in the morning, dropped off our laggage and took subway train to downtown

Taipei Expo Farmer's Market

Taipei's street markets and night markets

Scallion pancake, oyster omlette, beef noodle soup are some of the dishes you can get at street markets

And there are restaurants ...

Walking in downtown ...

Fancy coffeeshop in one of the downtown malls

Tamsui food market

Sponge cake shop

Tamsui District, New Taipei

Buddhist parade in Tamsui

Red bean cakes and pineapple cakes

Taipei 101. World's tallest building until 2009.

Walking around Taipei 101 area

Taiwanese shaved ice dessert

Colorful warning in a public elevator

Night market in downtown

Warning in a condo building elevator

Japanese restaurant

Cute Taiwanese Paste Cakes

Novelty Gift store

Regent Hotel

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