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Hot Springs of Yilan

 Our next trip was to Jiaoxi, a hot springs town in Yilan County. It is situated within one hour of scenic drive  from Taipei. We stayed at a hot springs resort that offered private baths with hot springs water in our room.  We enjoyed soaking in the mineral-rich water that was good for our skin and health. The hotel is located next to Jiaoxi Hot Springs park Jiaoxi is probably the closest hot springs resort town to Taipei  Local produce - bananas and pineapple We also went to Waiao Beach, a popular surfing spot on the east coast. We rented some surfboards and had fun riding the waves. The beach was clean and beautiful, with a view of Turtle Island in the distance. From Jiaoxi, we took another train to Hualien, a city on the east coast that is close to Taroko National Park. Next stop - Toroko