South Beach

Miami is a great getaway destination in winter. In January 2020 we went to Miami Beach to attend regional ART DECO Weekend.

One, two, three plates and counting... waiting for a delayed flight 😫... 

We arrived on Thursday night. Soon after checking in the hotel, we were strolling down the Ocean Drive.

Ocean Drive this time of the year is one huge street party!

By the time we got quite hungry,  so we turned down the street and went to Osteria Del Teatro

Next morning we decided to check out the Classic Car Show

Time to do some laps.

Dinner at OLA Restaurant. The lobster ceviche with tomato sorbet was very good! 

After day well spent it was time to go back to the hotel to get much needed rest.

On Saturday our plan was to walk around South Beach and see more of the ART DECO.

And of course the beach!

And more walking...

Dinner at Alma Mexicana , followed by a brief stop at Italian bakery


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