Taiwan Part 2 (trip to Alishan)

We are taking a bullet train to Chiayi

1 hour 13 minutes later we arrived at Chiayi

From Chiayi Station we took a taxi cab to the mountainous Zhuqi Township

Zhuqi Township

Old train station

Coffee shop

On our way to Alishan

Alishan. Let's eat first

Alishan National Forest Recreation Area

Shenmu railway station

Alishan Shouzhen Temple

Good luck charms at the railway station early morning, as we are waiting to board the Sunrise train

Meeting the sunrise

Taking the train back to our hotel

Hotel grounds

Picturesque 3-hour ride to Sun Moon Lake

Rest stop at Dream Works of the Plums

Xiangshan Visitor Center at Sun Moon Lake

Shuishe 水社 Yuchi Township

Lunch at MOS Burger cafe

View from my hotel room

Exploring Shuishe

A ferry can take you across the lake

Street market

Waiting for a ferry

At a Shuishe grocery store

Enjoying evening view from the hotel room...

... and morning view from the hotel room

We left Shuishe and drove to Taichung city. We made a stop at Puli Winery along the way

Ride to Taichung rail station

Taichung City

ice cream

After walking around the Taichung City downtown we headed to the train station

Getting on the Taipei bound train

Back in Taipei: beef noodle soup restaurant

Vendor selling scallion pancakes

Presidential Office Building, designed and built by the Japanese during the period of Japanese rule of Taiwan (1895–1945).

Bubble tea shop and bakery

Pet spa

Hello Kitty themed subway trains and Hello Kitty Store

2/28 Peace Memorial Park

Lunch at Jyun En restaurant at the Fullon Hotel Taipei Central

Flower market in Taipei

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