Puerto Vallarta

As always, cold winter season is the best time to travel south. This time, it is Mexico

The currency of Mexico is the Mexican peso.

The anticipation of the tropical beach made the flight went by unnoticed...

We landed in Puerto Vallarta in the afternoon. It took local Uber around 10 minutes to get us to the resort.

After dinner we hopped in Uber and after a short ride we were in the town centre

Local mcDonald's soft-serve ice cream

Most of the time we spent at the resort grounds

Volleyball in foam?

We were curious about the area right outside of the resort grounds. So we went to check it out.

Shoppiong at MEGA supermarket

As much as we enjoyed the food at our resort, we wanted to try local restaurants. So we headed to the town

Dinner at Pancho's Takos

After a week of vacation at this perfect place it was time to go home...


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